Christmas Tree Care Reminders

  • If storing the tree before use, put the trunk in water and keep in a cool, protected area.
  • If the tree was cut more than 12 hours before placing it in a stand, cut off  1/4  inch of the base to improve water uptake. Do not cut at an angle and do not remove any bark. Cut it straight across.
  • Make sure that your tree stand has an adequate basin, one that will hold at least a gallon of water, and that the ring to hold the tree upright is large enough to accommodate the size of the trunk.
  • Replenish the water daily, making sure that the water level extends above the base of the tree. Adequate moisture is essential to keeping a tree fresh and preventing needle loss. Do not add anything to the water. Only clean water is needed for hydration.
  • Keep your tree away from sources of heat, such as radiators, fireplaces, heat vents, and sunlight, and lower the room temperature to reduce moisture loss and slow drying.
  • Check your tree for dryness regularly. If needles feel brittle and fall off easily, the tree should be removed from the house.

About thenoelteam

As a Broker with RE/MAX Alliance, I work energetically for my clients whether they are a buyer or seller. I help you achieve your goal of owning a home or getting the best price for your home in the shortest time possible. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in communications and finance, I was licensed in 1977 and since then I have sold over 3600 properties amounting to over $1 billion in sales. I currently rank in the top 10 in home sales for Colorado. I offer the same quality of service and superior communication to all clients, ranging from starter homes to multi-million dollar estates, commercial and income properties, relocations and foreclosures My goal is to provide you with the best representation possible whether you are buying or selling. Over the years, one of the things that I've discovered is that there is a difference in the way individual Realtors do business. For me, I have always felt that honesty and personal integrity are the foundations upon which a successful business and career are built and sustained. I have an extensive background and knowledge base in real estate, including financing, which has enabled me to provide outstanding, quality advice and service not found with many agents today. My commitment to communication creates a positive relationship between my client and myself that results in a successful property sale or purchase. My passion for real estate, commitment to my clients and personal integrity has helped me to achieve success placing me in the top 1% of all brokers in nationwide. In my career, I have earned a number of awards and received considerable recognition for my success but the most significant recognition comes from the fact that over 75% of my business comes from past clients. My success is a true measure of my client satisfaction.
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